About Fairfield chiropractic clinic

The Clinic

At Fairfield Chiropractic Clinic, we are committed to providing the best chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation care for our patients. Our philosophy of one on one specific care aims to treat the cause of a patient’s complaints, rather than only treating symptoms.
We place a strong emphasis on identifying the underlying cause of your presenting complaint, and make an accurate diagnosis. To make this diagnosis, a thorough examination and testing, including orthopaedic and neurological testing, will be performed upon initial consultation and if required further X-Ray examination. These will be performed by a local bulk billing radiological clinic. If you have X-Rays of the area of concern, we kindly ask that you bring them along to your initial consultation.
At Fairfield Chiropractic Clinic, treatment is specific to the individual. A diverse range of therapies such as chiropractic manual adjustments, drop piece, activator, soft tissue massage and myofascial trigger point therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and heat/ice therapy can be provided. We place a strong emphasis on rehabilitation to strengthen core muscles, whilst offering a variety of stretches and work/lifestyle advice.

Conditions We Treat

Neck & Back Pain
Headache & Migraines
Disc injuries / Sciatica
Extremity problems such as Shoulder Injuries, Tennis Elbow/Golfer’s elbow, Hip, Knee and Ankle injuries and Foot or Plantar Fascitis issues
Postural Correction
Pregnancy related back pain and post-natal care
Core Stability and Rehabilitation

Products Sold and Used

Bioceutical Nutritional Supplements
Orthopaedic Pillows & Braces/Supports
Metagenics Nutrition Supplements
Wheat Bags for Heat Therapy
Posture Poles
Massage Balls
Foam Rollers & other Rehabilitation Products